Gina Crezee

Executive Director

Gina has over 25 years experience in the government, corporate, and community relations sector, locally, nationally, and internationally. She began her career as a communications and legislative liaison under Governor Mike Leavitt in the Utah Department of Community and Economic Development. By engaging the business community, she was able to resolve complex and controversial issues, which resulted in lower costs to the taxpayers and enhanced business controls.

She has extensive experience in the industrial sector and has used her skills to bring communities together to support major infrastructure projects, mineral exploration, mine life extensions, and large master planned communities. Her success was built on being able to bridge differences with NGOs, activists, government officials and their staffs, as well as business, industry, and community leaders.

In her years of community involvement, Gina has used stakeholder engagement, government relations, and multi-year planning techniques to ensure business objectives are aligned with community objectives. She has been instrumental in changing decades of community philosophy by redirecting corporate giving to connect with corporate objectives; re-energizing stakeholder engagement; and building trust based on transparency and inclusion.

Gina has been involved in numerous non-profit organizations around Utah. These organizations have ranged from Ballet West to the Utah Mining Association, the Salt Lake Chamber to the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum. She is now using her extensive experience to help others in attaining their goals and objectives for the betterment of Utah.