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Many immigrants arrive in the United States with just the shirts on their backs and the shoes on their feet. They work hard to find jobs – some of which pay below minimum wage, require long hours, and do not pay overtime – to provide for their families. Because they are constantly working, they don't have the luxury to see their kids off to school or tuck their kids in bed. With your help, you can give these immigrants the chance to attain better jobs so that they can provide for their families and create long-lasting memories with their kids.



Your donation allows us to help others who can't help themselves. We have a long list of clients who cannot afford the costs associated with obtaining legal immigration status. Donations allow us to offer our attorney services pro bono to persons who cannot afford to pay, including abuse victims living in shelters.


Make a difference first hand by volunteering with us. Whether you're an attorney, a student, or just looking to spend a little time to help, come work with us in our effort to change lives!

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