We provide quality, legal immigration services to everyone at an affordable rate based upon their economical situation and type of immigration case.


Our Mission

Immigrant Legal Services provides affordable, quality legal services and educates the community to help immigrants become fully-participating members of society.

our services

Hundreds of immigrants fall victim to immigration fraud, receive poor immigration counsel, or can't afford a private immigration attorney.  We've made it our mission to protect these immigrants by providing quality legal services at an affordable rate so that they can enjoy all the benefits of their communities – benefits such as a driver's license, a solid job and a sense of security. Our rates are based on each immigrant's economical situation and type of case; and under this model, we can help the poor and destitute as we take on pro bono and low bono cases. We handle all varieties of immigration cases including: U visas, DACA (and upcoming DAPAs), VAWA, employment visas, family-sponsored visas, deportation cases and more.

Community Education

It's important to us that immigrants understand and support their communities, and in turn the community supports them. Thus, we've made it a priority to visit various communities throughout the western United States to educate employers, workers, and neighborhoods about their rights and responsibilities. We have partnered with several organizations to provide free seminars and clinics to the communities. Our free seminars and clinics include:

  • Presentation on immigrants' rights and privileges, and answers to their most frequently asked questions
  • Citizenship clinics
  • Seminar on employers' responsibilities