Helping clients navigate the complex immigration system through high quality and affordable legal representation.


Our vision

Our vision is to educate the immigrant communities on their rights and the processes one must through to achieve legal status.

our services

Countless immigrants fall victim to immigration services scams, receive poor immigration counsel, or can't afford a private immigration attorney. We've made it our mission to help immigrants by providing quality legal services at an affordable rate so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of their communities – benefits such as a driver's license, a stable job, and a sense of security. Because we receive community support through donations and grants, our rates are low and based on each immigrant's economic situation and type of case. All of our services are provided pro bono or low bono. We handle all varieties of immigration cases including victims of violent crimes, asylum seekers, and families seeking unity.

Educating the Community

It's important to us that immigrants understand immigration laws and the immigration process. We've made it a priority to visit communities throughout the western United States to provide education on immigrant rights and pathways to legal immigration status. We have partnered with several organizations to provide free immigration clinics and seminars. At our free clinics and seminars we:

  • Provide education on immigration laws & immigrant rights

  • Provide answers to immigration questions

  • Help immigrants find a path to legal status

  • Offer free help filling out citizenship and other applications

  • Teach how to avoid immigration services scams